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  1. questionHow to customise KC HiLiTES Pro 6 covers
    PRO6 LED Light Bar covers come standard as a black opaque cover with yellow KC logos. If you wanted to print your own stickers so you can color match the KC logos to your specific needs, here is the template to allow you to do that. Many of our customers have printed their own stickers and just ...
  2. questionDoes condensation affect the performance of my lights?
    KC has been designing and manufacturing performance lights for over 35 years. We stand behind our products and want to create awareness behind our customer's questions about condensation, a naturally occurring condition that is not a defect and does not qualify as a warranty. Condensation doe ...
  3. questionWhat are the differences between the types of light patterns?
    We have 4 types of light beam patterns: Spot (Long Range), Driving and Spread, Fog, and Flood. Spot Beam (Long Range): Spot or Long Range lights are able to penetrate deep into the night. KC Long Range Lights produce a tighter, more focused circular beam of light (pencil beam) to see way out ...
  4. questionKC HiLiTES Halogen V LED V HID mythbusters
    HOW WE MEASURE LIGHT? As LED lights have gained popularity in recent years, the most common word to benchmark the performance of a light has been "Lumens". Although Lumens is important there are many other factors to consider when shopping for LED, HID and Halogen lighting. Lumens, Lux, Candela ...