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  1. questionWarn warranty statement - updated Nov 2016
    Please click on the file below to download your copy of the Warn warranty statment - updated November 2016
  2. questionWarn service manual for the MIL-9000 and MIL-12000 winches
    This service manual is the complete repair and replacement instructions and trouble shooting guide for the MIL-9000 and MIL-12000 winches Click on the attachement below to download your copy...
  3. questionWarn drill winch user manual
    Click on the file below to download the Warn drill winch user manual
  4. questionWarn winch gearbox rotation instructions
    You're about to or already have installed your Warn low mount winch and you realise the clutch lever is in a location where it's difficult to reach let alone move... What you need to do to make the clutch lever easier to reach and operate is: stand the winch up on end so the housing is stra ...
  5. questionCan I fit a Warn 6HP motor to my XD9000?
    We are often asked will a Warn 6HP motor fit fit XD9000 Warn. The answer is yes but we don't recommend it. Read on to find out why... The Warn 6HP motor is from the 9.5XP winch. This motor is timed to run faster and with more torque in the counter clockwise rotation. The standard fitment to ...
  6. questionWinch trouble shooting guide
    Winch Trouble Shooting Guide The following Trouble Shooting Tips [with thanks to our friends at Warn] are a collection of the 10 most frequent problems that we encounter. Most of these are electrical problems and are easily solved. Problem #1 Winch will not operate in either direction when the r ...
  7. questionHow to test winch solenoids
    Solenoid Testing Procedure It is easier to remove the solenoids for a thorough check. This serves two purposes as you have an opportunity to clean and ensure all electrical connections are tight when reassembling. Firstly check that the contacts inside the solenoid are not stuck, connect a mul ...
  8. questionWinch motor brush replacement
    Thanks to the guys at Warn for this tech article: Mark electrical cables for easier assembly later. Remove winch from vehicle. Repairs are easier and safer when winch is removed from vehicle and located on a workbench. Disconnect cables from the control pack, and disconnect the battery groun ...
  9. questionWarn basic guide to winching techniques
    Even if you have used a winch before, this guide from our freinds at Warn is a must read for all. Your safety is our number one priority! Every winching situation has the potential for personal injury. In order to minimise that risk, it is important that you read this basic guide carefully, fam ...
  10. questionWhy is winch rope better than cable?
    Winch rope versus steel cable Why should I use rope instead of steel cable you ask? It's a very common question we hear on a weekly basis. Read on and all will be revealed... Dyneema is one of the strongest fibres in the world. The rope has excellent properties with regard to strength, wei ...
  11. questionWinch motor testing procedure
    Winch Motor Testing Procedure If you find yourself in a situation where your winch is clicking and is not working, you may have a motor problem....or you may have a solenoid problem. The following procedure will help you work out the status of your winch motor. Put the winch in freespool. ...
  12. questionWarn mid frame service manual for M6000, M8000 and XD9000
    This service manual is the complete repair and replacement instructions and trouble shooting guide for the M6000, M8000 and XD9000 Warn winches. Colour images and clear instruction will help you maintain your Warn winch.