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  1. questionCan I fit a Warn 6HP motor to my XD9000?
    We are often asked will a Warn 6HP motor fit fit XD9000 Warn. The answer is yes but we don't recommend it. Read on to find out why... The Warn 6HP motor is from the 9.5XP winch. This motor is timed to run faster and with more torque in the counter clockwise rotation. The standard fitment to ...
  2. questionBow 3 motor from Goodwinch
    You want power - then look no further the BOW 3 has it. The nominal speed is 4,000 rpm, similar to a Bow ‘1’ but with a huge amount of torque and rated at an amazing 9HP [note nominal speed of other motors are 5000 RPM]. However in use these are much faster than both the Bow 1 and ...
  3. questionBow 3 motor fittiing and wiring instructions
    Click on the link below to see the Bow 3 motor fitting and wiring informaiton from friends at Goodwinch...
  4. questionBow 2 motor from Goodwinch
    The Bow motor 2 6.8HP winch motor is available 12V and 24 V can be universally fitted to most electric winches as long as the winch mounting can accommodate the motors additional length. Designed to provide high power and torque levels with incredible reliability at a respectable price tag. The ...