Rock Dog Coil Overs

4Way Suspension is pleased to announce the newest member of the Tough Dog Suspension line up.  the new Rock Dog Coil-Over units are the newest product on the scene for all the rock crawling competition vehicles out there.  People who have visited out stand will have seen the prototype unit mounted on stand for some time now, but up until recently, it was more an idea on the drawing board than a fully fledged product line.

Rock Dog coil overs

Head of Research and Development, Simon Vella, identified a need for an affordable but durable coil over style shock absorber specifically designed around the needs of rock crawling applications like those found at the annual  Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge, held in Millbrodale NSW.  The event saw the shocks shown in all their glory to the public for the first time on John Panetta’s “Big White Fridge” (well more of a bar fridge after the ute chop conversion was performed).

Die Hard Tuff Truck fans will remember the 80 series was sporting these units last year for competition. Simon Vella tells us “After working closely with John and his crew, we have been able to develop the complete line up of product for release at the 2015 event.”  Simon explains, “What better way to launch the product than at the Toughest Offroad event in the country?”

The New Rock Dog Coil-Over shocks are modelled on the tried and tested 45mm Big Bore shock absorbers that Tough Dog already offer for a range of larger vehicles.  The Adjustment selector, rod and piston construction have remained the same, while the external bore has been increased in size to accommodate the machine chased thread and extra strength on the outside of the unit.  the Rock Dogs have been made with eye mount connecters on both end that come with a quality “QA1″ heim joints with an internal diameter of 14mm. “This makes the units easy to create mounting points on chassis and axle locations,” Simon mentions.  “We also have a range of coils for the vehicle, and can work with customers to create a coil with the correct rate coils for their application.”  The coils are set up to perch on anodised aluminium seats, and have an internal diameter of 80mm

“One piece we are particuarly proud of,”Simon says, “Is the new combined rate coil.  The coil is made with a 180 pound primary rate spring, and then is tapered to a 100 pound tender coil to create an extremely  long free height,  Which does away with the need to use a tender coil and sliding joiner arrangement to keep the spring captured on the coil.”

The shocks are available in a 12, 14 and 16 inch travel length, which covers just about every application you can possible imagine.

The best part about these units?  The price.  Coil overs for rock crawling competition use are extremely expnsive
The best part about these units?  The price. Coil-Over units for rock crawling competition use are extremely expensive, and we believe there is a demand for a more cost effective alternative to the traditional brands that can sell for much more.

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13th of August, 2015

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