Warn Drill Winch

Warn's new Drill Winch represents a breakthrough in winch design. It is powered by your cordless drill and is super portable.

Warn Drill Winch

The winch is easy to carry with a built in ergonomic handle.  We liked the finger grip rubber coating on the handle which makes it easy to hold even with dirty and greasy hands.

With a 225kg pulling capacity, the Drill Winch can be operated with any cordless drill - we found that the higher end brushless drills provided the best long-term pulling ability.  You can control the winch speed by the speed of the drill, which we found ideal for straightening a bent tie rod on a recent adventure.

The free spool clutch is easy to use by rotating it 45 degrees anti-clockwise to unlock.

Warn Drill Winch

The unit weighs in at 4.7kg.

The winch comes with:
  • 9.15 metres of wire rope
  • integrated hawse fairlead
  • front/rear rigging hooks 

Warn Drill Winch

Of course the cordless drill is not included...  Click here to see the Drill Winch in our store

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24th of November, 2015

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