Warn 8274 high mount free spool problems

Experiencing slow or no free spool problems with your Warn 8274 high mount winch - the following could be your problem:

Warn brake shaft parts

  • Note the 8274 high mount does not usually free spool as easily as some other winches.  The clutch gear [pinion gear] disnegages the motor and the next drive gear only.
  • Check the clutch is disengaging correctly by pulling the clutch lever out - activating the winch motor, the drum should not turn
  • The winch could be mounted out of square causing the drum to bind on the bushings - loosen the mouting bolts and see if the free spool improves [if an improvement is made, you'll need to shim the winch square and re-tighten the mounting bolts after this test]
  • Manually disnegage the brake pawl by holding it down until it does not touch the brake ratchet.  Have someone pull the cable and see if it free spools easier.  If it does, then it's the brake causing the issue.
  • Cross check to see that soemone has not mistakenly left the cardboard spacer between the inbaord brake disc and the radial oil seal - refer to the brake service kit installation instructions
  • Be mindful your issue could be one or a combination of the above issues - we hope you find it and sort it out quickly and easily.

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18th of July, 2016

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