Does Runva’s EWX9500-Q winch have what it takes to get you out of strife?

Some of the best adventures are found way down the beaten track. Chasing that perfect campsite by the river, an isolated fishing spot or even just your own bit of space to crack the throttle wide open on the quads for the weekend will see you hitting up some challenging tracks.  The trick is to be prepared with the right gear so you’re able to recover yourself from any situation.

The humble electric winch has seen some pretty fierce competition on the market over the last few years. With prices becoming more affordable than ever, fitting out your vehicle with these essential items is getting a whole heap easier on the hip pocket. That said, choosing a winch that’s built to go the distance can be more difficult than simply factoring in price alone. When push comes to shove, we rely heavily on our recovery gear to get us back from every big adventure.

Runva has been selling winches across just about every country around the world for a number of years now, and has made its mark on the Australian 4WD market with its latest range of winches. The EWX9500-Q winch is the ideal size for many adventure rigs and it has
a swag of impressive specs to back it up. A full steel gearset crammed with a 110:1 reduction ratio, competition-style solenoids that have been designed for maximum long-term durability, even in the toughest conditions, the option of Dyneema synthetic rope, specially designed gearbox and motor seals, and best of all the team at Runva have backed their product with a limited lifetime warranty.

With this in mind, we took the opportunity to fit one of the EWX9500- Qs to the Action + Adventure 100 Series ’Cruiser to give it a thorough workout – and for the bargain price of $850, it was definitely worth a look. We ask a lot of the Action + Adventure ’Cruiser out on trips. It’s pushed to the edge of the country every weekend in the quest for the perfect spot, without lockers to lean on, it desperately needed a winch for those epic recoveries.

Runva EWX9500-Q competition winch

When we fitted up the Runva EWX9500-Q, we took full advantage of the rotatable gearbox and repositioned the freespool level to a suitable position at the top of the bar. Being able to rotate the gearbox gives you the option of positioning the freespool level either at the top, side and front or back of the bar depending on your set-up. The winch bolted up perfectly to the standard mounting points in the TJM bar. We made the decision to go for the optional synthetic rope and the hawse fairlead tucked in nicely under the edge of the bar out of harm’s way.

So far we’re impressed with the EWX9500-Q’s performance. Its line speed, strength and build quality are up there with many of the 9500lb winches we’ve used. Even with a trailer hooked up, the 9500lb winch had the power to
pull us out of some tricky situations. Like any piece of recovery gear, it needs to be treated with the utmost respect. It helps to have a full winch recovery kit, including a snatch block, damper, and tree trunk protector to work hand in hand with your new winch.

Like all the gear we test here at Action + Adventure, it’s going to get a proper flogging to see just how well it handles the Aussie bush. Be sure to check back in as we monitor its progress!

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8th of August, 2012

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