Brown Davis Underguards - essential protection for your 4X4

Off road driving can present hazards even the best drivers cannot avoid.  Murphy ’s Law tells us that misfortune will strike when you are miles from anywhere.  The team at DNA Off Road are often amazed at how new vehicle manufacturers claim their 4X4’s are the best, yet when it comes to protecting vital [read: expensive] components, they use lightweight tin or plastic guards, or worse still, nothing at all!

Solution: Brown Davis Underguards

These guards are available in the following main types:

  • Front guards that protect front radiator, intercooler, steering and sump areas [depending on model]; and

Brown Davis underguard 150 Prado

  • Transmission and transfer guards that protect [yes, you guessed it], the transmission and transfer case areas.

Toyota Hilux transmission & transfer guard

There are several features that make Brown Davis Underguards better than others.  These include:

  • Manufactured from high grade 3mm aluminised steel that is powder coated satin black for additional steel protection [and good looks].
  • All MIG welding exceeds Australian Standard AS1554
  • Bolt in without modification and use existing factory mounting points where possible.
  • Well placed vents with strong mesh protection maintains good airflow
  • Bolt head protection incorporated into the guards
  • High tensile grade 8 bolts
  • Sump plug inspection plates to allow oil changes without removing the whole guard
  • Cross break folding is used on larger guards to ensure the longer sections remain rigid.
  • Tow hook provision

Considering the current cost of vehicle components, can you afford not to have the best under body protection available?

Underguards - serious underbody protection

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22nd of August, 2012

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