GoPro HERO3 cameras

Weighing in at a scant less than 75 grams, the HERO3 is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models - but that's not all...

The new HERO3s are slimmer than the previous model [20mm].  The HERO3 plastic case has been updated to match the smaller camera.  It remains the same height and width as the HERO2 so they are compatible with all add-ons originally designed for the earlier models.  The same LCD is also used in the HERO3 - it’s good quality and like the HERO2, we noted it still isn’t easy to see in bright light.

The new lens that reportedly offers twice the image sharpness and reduces the typical circular distortion at the edges of the lens viewing area.  While this has been improved, there is still some noticeable distortion – not a big issue for us – it may be for you depending on your intended application.


On each side of the HERO3 there are the ultra small microphones. Improved wind reduction algorithms have been developed for this model.  During our testing it seemed as if the wind noise was less than we remember from earlier recordings from our HERO2s.

One huge plus for us it the WI-FI capability – an app is downloadable for your smartphone allowing you control the camera without leaving your seat!

If you want a full tech low-down report on the camera, we suggest you do a quick search, as there have been numerous people more qualified than us in the in the area of camera technology.

Is it better than the HERO2? Most definitely yes.  We wouldn’t bother updating our fleet HERO2s?  Still undecided on this one, maybe we can pass them on as hand-me-downs and then it may be easier to convince the boss we need a box full of HERO3s for the team...

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11th of November, 2012

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