Chemtech CT18

Chemtech CT18 is a great all round detergent to use on many things including your 4X4.

It’s great for wheels and tyres especially to remove sticky brake dust.  It’s the best detergent we’ve used to remove the red dust from the exterior of our vehicles.  Try it, we’ll be interested in hearing of any other cleaning agent that does a better job – please drop us a reply if you find one...


Chemtech CT18 review - DNA Off Road

A word of warning, CT18 if used in a strong concentration will dull paint surfaces.  This is usually not a problem as a quick polish will bring back the shine.  We usually have two spray on applicators.  One with a mix of 1 part CT18 to 20 parts water for the shiny side and a mix of up to 1 part CT18 to 5 parts water for chassis, diffs, gearboxes, wheels etc where oil, grease, mud and all sorts of muck accumulates.

It does a good job on driveways and garages – we tend to spray it on and give it a going over with a strong bristle broom and leave to work before hosing or pressure washing clean.

CT18 is also biodegradable and Australian made.  Give a litre a try and you’ll eventually be back for more....

Click here to see the range of CT18 products on the DNA site

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31st of December, 2012

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