Ready Welder 10000-CS Portable MIG welder

The Ready Welder is a portable MIG welder that uses just about any combination of 12, 18, 24 or 36 volt batteries as its power source making it super portable.  The kit comes in a foam lined blow moulded case, 52 x 47 x 15cm and weighs 8kg.

Ready Welder 10000-CS

Inside the case:

  • MIG gun with three metres of cable
  • One spool of flux core wire
  • 300 amp ground clamp
  • Two battery clamps
  • Extra tips and gas hose fitting
  • Three metres of gas hose

The Team have had a Ready Welder for a number of years and we’ve found it to be a very reliable unit. When we pull it out of the truck, there is usually a line up of volunteers to do the welding for us!

What surprised us most was the flexibility of this welder.  We’ve had ATV riders using small ATV batteries and the Ready Welder to repair quad frames in remote areas.  At the other end of the scale, we’ve hooked it up to 3 large Optima yellow tops and welded 20mm plate [3/4 inch] with excellent penetration.

The 10000-CS model includes the cold switch option that prevents unintended arcing [as specified and used by the US military].  Without the cold switch option, the tip of the welding gun is live at all times when connected to a power supply.  This is a great safety feature and prevents welder’s flash.

One of our customers recently sent us a link to an article that is a very comprehensive review on the Ready Welder by Bill “BillaVista” Ansell.  We have included the link below if you’d like to read more....

Click here to read the Billavista article

Click here to see the Ready Welder in the DNA webstore...

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10th of April, 2013

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