Brown Davis long range fuel tanks

Thinking about a long range fuel tank?  Not sure what you should look for?  Then read on as we give you the good oil on what you need to look for in a replacement or auxiliary long range tank.

Brown Davis long range tank DNA Off Road

Here's a quick checklist to consider when you are looking for a replacement or auxiliary long range tank:
  • Does the manufacturer have a good track record and have they been making and developing tanks for more than a few years?
  • Do they have a certified quality assurance system established covering all aspects of design, development, testing and evaluation, all manufacturing processes and packaging and dispatch?
  • Do they tell you about the essential design features that makes the difference from a good tank to a great tank, such as:
    • Tapered approach angle to reduce frontal impact and improve ramp over clearance
    • Longitudinal and lateral baffling system to prevent fuel slosh and to strengthen tank structure
    • Re-enforced brackets with double thickness pads to spread tank mounting loads
    • Fuel pump sender flange designed to re-use the vehicle’s original equipment
    • Swirl pot designed to carrel fuel around the pick-up point
    • Roll over check valve and expansion box for fuel expansion and venting
    • Fast fill breather for rapid filling and to reduce bowser shut off
    • Filler tube, connects to vehicles original filling point
    • Cushion clamps to retain fuel lines to prevent damage and kinking
    • Magnetic drain plug, horizontal and flush mounted to prevent damage
  • Do they effectively explain the steps taken to manufacture each tank?
  • Do they include all additional parts required and comprehensive fitting instructions?
  • Do they offer a good warranty to back their product and do they have reliable and helpful after sales service?

As you can see, quite a bit of work goes into making a replacement or auxiliary fuel tank and it's often the small enhancements made over many years of design, development, testing and refinement that sets one manufacturer apart from the rest.

Long range tank FAQs

Does installing a Brown Davis long range tank affect my vehicles warranty?

No - All Brown Davis fuel systems go through your vehicles standard sender unit and filtration system. All replacement tanks utilize the factory sender unit and Auxiliary tanks pump into a main tank that has a factory sender unit. This means all fuel is pasted through your vehicles standard fuel system hence not voiding any warranty.

Can I install a Brown Davis tank myself?

If you have a basic understanding of electrics and vehicle fuel systems and the tools and time, yes you can install your new Brown Davis long range tank.  Be mindful that some models and auxiliary tanks can take longer and be more challenging than others, so it's always good to call us and we can help you determine whether a self fit or professional fit is the best option for you.

Where do you ship to?

We can ship your tank anywhere in Australia and to many overseas destinations.  Be it right to your door or your mechanics workshop...

Brown Davis were established in 1978 and continue to design and manufacture a broad range of general and specialised products including long range replacement and auxiliary tanks.  Brown Davis are ISO9001 certified Quality Management System covering all their automotive engineering functions including:

  • Design
  • Prototype development
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Manufacture of production samples and jigs
  • Introduction of product manufacture
  • Quality assurance of all manufacturing procsses
  • Packaging and dispatch

Who are you going to trust when it comes time to purchase your long range tank?

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6th of September, 2013

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