Volkswagen Amarok 135 litre Long Range Fuel tank now available

Our 135 litre tank replaces the vehicle’s standard 80 litre tank, almost doubling your fuel capacity. This gives the Amarok a driving range of 1700km (7.9lt per 100km - as quoted by VW).

The vehicles standard filler is retained as is the fuel gauge sender unit which still works in the same manner except it takes much longer to reach empty.

Volkswagen Amarok 150 litre long range tank

The Brown Davis tank requires no removal of tail shaft making it a quick and easy 2 hour fit.

Like all Brown Davis tanks they supply everything you require to install your tank including full step by step fitting instructions.

Constructed from 2.0 mm cold rolled, aluminium coated steel ensures maximum strength and durability and minimum corrosion susceptibility.

All Brown Davis tanks are then pressure tested using two different techniques to eliminate the possibility of leaks.

Drain plugs are fitted horizontally to prevent them being damaged if the tank is scraped over rocks and are magnetic to collect any metallic dirt that may enter the tanks fuel system.

Brown Davis fuel tank brackets are double skinned and stress points are padded to give you added peace of mind.

Volkswagen Amarok 150 litre long range tank

With more than 30 years manufacturing Long Range Fuel Tanks and a full 3 year warranty you can be confident that a Brown Davis Fuel tank will get you through your longest journey.


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9th of July 2014 01:01 AM