Gigglepin top housing bush kit fitting instructions

Gigglepin top housing bush kit fitting instructions - Please open the attached file for images...


Remove Motor from Top Housing and remove Top Housing from Winch.

At this point take note of the position of the gear in the top housing for re-fitting.


Using a suitable drift, drift out the pin that holds the gear in place, and remove the gear

from the top housing. NOTE the shaft can only be removed in one direction.


Remove the circlip from the small end of the gear. This clip is not re-used, so cutting the

clip with a hacksaw may aid in the removal.


Using a drift, drift out the two bearing casings from the gear. Retain the better of the

two casings, strip the needles out of the casing and clean the casing for re-fitting.


Using a vice or press, push the retained casing into the smaller end of the gear. Then

push in one of the two bronze bushes on top, pushing the casing to the centre of the

gear. Press in until flush.


Press the second bronze bush into the other end of the gear until it meets the old

casing in the centre.


Re-fit the gear into the top housing using the new shaft, and placing the washer on the

shaft at the small end of the gear to reduce gear movement


Using the 3.5mm drill bit, drill a hole in the shoulder of the shaft housing on the

freespool handle side, and screw in the self tapping screw so that the head of the screw

partially covers the end of the shaft.


Re-assemble the motor to the top housing and re-fit the top housing to the winch.

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23rd of March, 2015

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