Flashlube catch can pro

With the advent of more strict emission laws, engine manufacturers are no longer allowed to vent exhaust gases or oil mist direct to the atmosphere.  They are now directed back into the combustion chamber.  One of the downsides of this process is the build up of carbon deposits blocking the EGR valve, inlet manifold and turbo charger system.  If untreated, this build up will affected performance and even lead to premature failure.
Catch Can Pro blocked EGR

Fitting an oil catch can is a must to prevent the carbon build up.  While there are many on the market, we prefer the catch can pro for the following reasons:

  • It is a German made unit – you can see the quality when you look at it
  • It is much smaller than other brand units making it easier to install in tight spaces
    • 145mm long
    • 100mm x 120mm wide

    The image below shows the main components of the Catch Can Pro

    Catch Can Pro components

  • Included with the filter assembly is:
    • Drain hose
    • 2 x jubilee clamps
    • 2 x rubber coated hose mounting clips
    • 1 x tap
    • 1 x allen key
    • 50ml of Flashlube Diesel Conditioner

Flashlube catch can pro accessories

  •  It’s good to inspect the filter every service and change them every 20,000km or so – note older engines will typically blow more oil vapour.

Flashlube catch can pro

Catch Can Pro fitting instructions

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24th of March, 2016

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