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  1. KC HiLiTES 23 year limited lifetime warrantyKC HiLiTES 23 year limited lifetime warranty [Article]
  2. Does condensation affect the performance of my lights?Does condensation affect the performance of my lights? [Article]
    ...5 years. We stand behind our products and want to create awareness behind our customer's questions about condensation, a na
  3. The ultimate buyer's guide to buying off road lighting - ensure you make an informed decisionThe ultimate buyer's guide to buying off road lighting - ensure you make an... [Article]
    Are you new to the world of off-road auxiliary lighting? Or are you just confused on the enormous amount of options and the huge variety of off-road lights that are
  4. Warn winch gearbox rotation instructionsWarn winch gearbox rotation instructions [Article]
    You're about to or already have installed your Warn low mount winch and you rea
  5. Rock Dog Coil OversRock Dog Coil Overs [Article]
  6. Bow 3 motor from GoodwinchBow 3 motor from Goodwinch [Article]
    You want power - then look no further the BOW 3 has it. The nominal speed is 4,000 rpm, similar to a Bow ‘1’ but with a huge amount of torque and rated at an amazing
  7. Bow 2 motor from GoodwinchBow 2 motor from Goodwinch [Article]
    The Bow motor 2 6.8HP winch motor is available 12V and 24 V can be universally fitted to most electric winches as long as the winch mounting can accommodate the motors additional length.
  8. Some background on the Warn High Mount M8274Some background on the Warn High Mount M8274 [Article]
    The Warn M8274 is one of the most sought after winches especially for those in the comp scene wanting to add several performance mods. The M8274 remains almost the same since it was first re
  9. Tyre pressures for off roadTyre pressures for off road [Article]
    One of the most effective and cheapest options to increase off-road traction is to drop the pressure in your tyres. Yes, that's right a small decrease in air pressure can make a significant diffe
  10. Warn M8274 high mount pinion gear differencesWarn M8274 high mount pinion gear differences [Article]
    I'm thinking about fitting a new motor to my older Warn M8274 high mount winch, do I need to change the pinion gear? Some of the old Warn high mounts have a keyway pinion gear, usually those
  11. Winch trouble shooting guideWinch trouble shooting guide [Article]
    Winch Trouble Shooting Guide The following Trouble Shooting Tips [with thanks to our friends at Warn] are a collection of the 10 most freque
  12. Brown Davis long range fuel tanksBrown Davis long range fuel tanks [Article]
    Thinking about a long range fuel tank? Not sure what you should look for? Then read on as we give you the good oil on what you need to look for in a replacement or auxilia
  13. Ready Welder 10000-CS Portable MIG welderReady Welder 10000-CS Portable MIG welder [Article]
    The Ready Welder is a portable MIG welder that uses just about any combination of 12, 18, 24 or 36 volt batteries as its power source making it super portable. The kit comes in a foam lined bl
  14. Safari snorkel installSafari snorkel install [Article]
    How hard is it to install your own snorkel? Do you need any special tools? These are two commonly asked questions of the team here at DNA O
  15. Cross-Drilled or Slotted Rotors?Cross-Drilled or Slotted Rotors? [Article]
    Cross-Drilled or Slotted Rotors – does it make any difference?
  16. Fun with toolsFun with tools [Article]
    Tool fun - all credit to the original authors [unkown and they want to keep it that way]...